A number of hormonal and nutrient deficiencies present themselves in sports people at any level. We identify these and provide natural ways to get you running at full speed.The NHS simply do not test for these. Normal ranges often do not apply to athletes.

We interpret your results in the context of your lifestyle. See the effect that training has on your physiology and learn how quickly you can recover.


Preventative health care is the future. We derive your risk for major disease based on your unique blood make up. We then develop a plan to reduce this risk in the context of your lifestyle through the use of specfic supplements, medication and appropriate specialist consultant referal.

Take control of your life and make scientifically validated changes that truely make a difference now and for the years to come.


We identify which weight management plan would work best for you based on lifestyle analysis, family history and specific blood analysis. Improve lean body mass, boost your metabolism and maintain your optimal body composition for life - we show you how.

In conjuction with an experienced nutritionist, we make the science work for you.


Our Team are experienced healthcare professionals offering an in depth analysis of your current state of health and wellbeing. We use an integrative health approach which takes into account your gut health, hormonal health and nutritional status alongside relevant lifestyle and genetic factors.

We have a network of Consultants and HealthCare professionals to whom we can refer if initial consultation deems this appropriate - to ensure comprehensive care. We offer phone and Skype Consults at your convenience.

Please note we do not diagnose and treat disease through e-consultations. We would offer advise on seeking the appropriate care when medically indicated.